Great Idea: Fresh Mint Ice Cubes

All over Pinterest people are posting pictures of ice cubes. It's funny that something so innocuous and simple as ice is being popularly jazzed up. But the reason is glaringly obvious! It's a great idea! You can add slices of fruit or berries, or like I did, fresh herbs like mint! The freezing preserves the color and flavor and they really add an aesthetic to drinks.
These silicone ice cube trays are neat not only because they shape big, perfectly square ice but they also make the ice really easy to push out, with no cracking. I bought a pair of trays at Marshall's, but I've seen them in other stores too, like this tray from Amazon.
I'm planning on enjoying these in a fruity sangria, iced tea, and fresh lemonade.

What sorts of drinks do these ice cubes inspire you to make?
Check out my upcoming posts to see this ice in action!


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