Unfiltered: Blooming Berries

So far, in my short time blogging, all my posted photos have been edited. I enjoy the effect of all the over abundant filters at my disposal on my smart phone and tablet. Some of my favorites are: A Beautiful MessInstagramVSCO Cam and Google Camera. With so many great apps available it's so easy to beautify a shot or add a touch of whimsy or a dash of nostalgia.
But with all the tweaked exposure, grain increases and saturation adjustments, I really wanted to start a blog feature to give the filter-less snapshots a space of their own. There are some really great moments, where the lighting is just so, the background is void of distraction, the shadows fall in just the right way and the focus is on the perfect subject. These moments usually have a story, and these moments for me are exciting, because all my pictures are taken with my phone! And camera-phone photography can be a bit tricky. So here's my first sans filter post!

Stepping out the door one evening, a plump bird caught my attention. She was fluttering about, strategically maneuvering in small arcs and dives to greedily snatch barely ripe blackberries from our backyard brambles. It was such a sweet moment to stop and notice. Even something so small as a bird feasting on blackberries, before I've even had a chance to notice the flowers among the thorns had turned to fruit. 


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