A Favorite Thing: Washi Tape

I think Washi Tape is beautiful. It's made of paper and originates in Japan. Its adhesive is gentle but strong enough to use in a variety of crafty projects. The colors, widths, and patterns seem to be endless too. I remember when and where I bought my first roll. I was in Ashland Oregon, in an adorable little shop on the main street downtown, that was filled with all sorts of unique and quietly beautiful items from France and Japan (it's also where I found my awesome and lovely bento box).
Since that time I've used Washi Tape in a few favorite ways and added to my collection.  Here's two of the ways I use if most often:

Washi Tape makes a perfect page marker or tag in a notebook. You can create your own divider tabs, or as I did in the picture above, flag an important page in a journal.
Its also a cute and functional way to decorate/seal a letter or envelope sent to a friend.

The possibilities are endless. I've even used Washi to decorate a plain gift wrapped package, as a label, and to mark events on a calendar. What ways have you used Washi Tape? Share in the comments below!


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