Iced Coffee

Summer time seems to be wrapping up. So while its still warm out I'm enjoying all the cold, drinks on ice I can. This is one of those recipes that's so easy it almost doesn't qualify as a recipe. Its just a great idea and an easy combination of a few ingredients. The most important thing to remember for this drink is that you have to think ahead. Remember the ice cube tray from this post? Well this time I filled the tray with fresh coffee, allowed it to cool, and then froze it overnight. Make sure to brew a full pot so you have some coffee left to chill in the fridge. Also don't forget to mix up a batch of homemade coffee creamer . The next day you'll be all ready to enjoy the best iced coffee ever!


Coffee ice cubes
Homemade coffee creamer
Cold coffee


Fill a glass with coffee ice cubes. Fill with cold coffee, leaving room for cream. Add desired amount of cream. Stir and enjoy! 


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