Great Idea: DIY Twig Votive

This morning I woke up early. Early enough that my first thought was, "Is it cloudy out? Or is the sun not up yet?" It's nice to get up with the sunrise, so much more gets done in a day. The calm and chill of a day that hasn't started yet has so much beauty too.
Usually lit candles seem like a bit of an evening time ritual for me but if the sun isn't lighting a room just yet why not add the coziness of a small flickering candle flame to accompany your warm cup of morning coffee? Perfect time to use my new DIY craft project, a candle votive I made this week.

Living in the woods there is one thing that is never in short supply... twigs, sticks, and branches a plenty up here on the mountain. There's many a craft project I've thought of to utilize nature's bits and pieces. This is one of those. Its really easy to bring a little fall indoors simply by collecting a few relatively straight twigs and using an extra strength glue to adhere them to the outside of a reused jar. The one I used in the picture above was formerly a baby food jar.
The light that filters out through the branches is especially beautiful, and would look charming gathered in groups, or of varying sized jars. 
They'd also make a cute and unique gift to give.


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