Its about time I write a little something about the little creature that is the inspiration behind my blogs moniker. What an excellent companion pets make, and my puppy dog is the best. She brings so many smiles and happy moments to me, why not dedicate an entire blog post to my little fur child? Especially a pup as photogenic as Kiwi is!

Kiwi is so sweet and mild tempered. She loyally follows me around the house, snuggles with me when I'm sick or sad always lingers near my feet at meal times. (Although that probably has more to do with her hopes of me dropping something)
But like in the photo below, she doesn't beg.

She is always doing something funny that makes my husband and I chuckle. Like when we pack for trips and set the luggage by the door, and she parks herself amongst the suitcases to make sure we don't forget her either!
(Although it's not always so funny when she decides her little lungs need a workout!)

Almost 7 years ago, friends of ours had a Morkie, and had brought her along when they stayed with us for the weekend. She was so small and sweet natured I knew that was the kind of Ewok-puppy-baby I wanted to have. I waited months for Kiwi to be born, and I'll never forget the day we went to pick her up. She was so tiny when the breeder pulled her out from the little kennel. Like a fluffy hamster, only 1.9 pounds she could curl up in my cupped hands.

She was given the name Kiwi, after the tropical fruit (not the bird) on account of her small round size and her general furryness, and we thought it a pretty cute name. My husband refused to call her by any of the sickeningly cute names I had suggested partially joking (Pancake? Cupcake? Definitely not!).

The other day my mother commented that Kiwi was smart. I laughed because I'd never thought of her as smart, just cute and very loving. But maybe she is, as my mother pointed out, she listens, and does what we ask, often without us having to say anything. If reminds me of an article I read about how dogs are connected to us so deeply they are experts at reading humans. At understanding us, and wanting to make us happy. Looking at my little buddy I can see that's how she was made and I am so grateful. 


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