Reasons I Blog: Or, Why It's Good For Me

"You must find a creative outlet for yourself. You see, where people go wrong when they set out in life is not exploring that part of themselves that feeds their spirit. Without that food, the spirit dies, and its a large part of our responsibility to ourselves not to allow that to happen. In fact, consider how few psychiatric problems there might be if every individual actually knew what to do to keep alive in himself something that could affirm the very essence of who he is. That's what the creative act does."
-Author Elizabeth George,
in What Came Before He Shot Her
by Barbara R. Call 

Some of my friends and family wonder why I started blogging. The quote above is a poignant summary of exactly why. But to answer in greater detail seems like a good thing to write about, not only for them, but for myself as well.
So, reasons I blog:

1. Its for me. Everyone needs an outlet. Something that brings them joy, fulfills them, something to call their own. I've always wanted to be a writer (among other things) and this is a way for me to make that dream a reality. Have you ever had the desire to do something and yet you never do? You tell yourself, "One day..." and still the next day and the next passes and you've still never done that thing you wanted to? For me this is one of those things. I've always thought it'd be neat to write my own blog, but deep inside there was always a part of me that thought I never could. "Maybe it's too hard. Maybe I won't be any good at it. What if I can't think of anything to write about? What if no one reads it? ...blah blah blah...." To start blogging now is confidence building. To shut down the negative inner voice and to self support and just go for it! And to do something for myself no matter what someone else might think about it. Yet blogging isn't a very private activity. Why not just write in a journal or make my blog private? Which brings me to my second reason:

2. It's for you. We've been made with an incredible capacity to create and to share with others what we've made and learned. For me blogging is becoming this incredible exercise in broadening my abilities, gaining new skills and really getting my creativity flowing in order to teach and inspire others the same way I've been motivated and touched by some of my favorite blogs*. I hope something I might share could brighten someones day, add to their life or relationships, or even just entertain or spark an idea in someone.

3. It's a learning experience. I'm by no means an expert on the subjects I write about but they are interests of mine, some passions even. And that's what drives me to keep on learning more and more about them. Blogging goes hand and hand with learning because it necessitates the acquisition of more knowledge in order to continue to develop meaningful content and to remain inspired (already I've had to learn new things about photography, photo editing, html and css coding... the list goes on!) Trial and error inherently adds to a blogger's reservoir of experience. And as they say, that's the best teacher. I'm looking forward to what my blog will lead me to learn and do. I want to keep getting better and better.

4. It makes me happy. Sometimes that's reason enough to do something.

*The course by A Beautiful Mess called Blog Life has helped me so much! You can purchase the class too here.

Do you have a blog? How has blogging changed you or added to your life? I'd love to hear from you. Comment below!


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