The First Day Of Fall!

Today is a happy day! My favorite season is officially here! Oh how I love fall!!! I can not help but smile wide and breath deep every time I set foot out my door. I have loved autumn as long as I can remember really. It's a season to be enjoyed through every sense. I love the smell of fall, the feel and the taste of fall. The way fall looks in the trees and on the ground. It smells like cinnamon and wood smoke, feels crisp and breezy and warm all at once. It tastes like pumpkin and butter and sugar and apples.
I love to dress for fall too. Layers and scarves please! My boots come out of storage and my lovely sweaters too.

Visually no season is as stunning and beautiful. The ways the leaves in my town turn it can look as though the trees are on fire and dipped in gold.
This time of the year just brings me so much happiness and inspiration.
We've definitely had a few "it feels like fall days". Though summer keeps tugging on the afternoons, the evenings are certainly brisk and cool.
I look forward to the cozy days ahead, and an increase in baking now that the house can stand the oven on during the day. I can't wait for the first fire in our wood stove, and all the leaves in the trees to change to jewel tones.

In honor of fall I'll be posting a few autumnal inspired posts this week. Three things to look out for:

1. Traditional homemade chai tea (my favorite warm fall beverage)
2. Homemade vanilla extract (for all the amazing baking going on)
3. Cardamom cake (to go with that chai!)

And much more!

Check back often, and in the meantime comment below; what's your favorite thing about fall?


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