Personalized Wooden Utensils

I've never had cookware I've particularly liked. Hand me downs I guess. Mismatched, stained, and dented. So when I finally ordered these amazing pots and pans I was super excited! I love them, they're ceramic coated on the inside, pea green on the outside, light weight and they cook so evenly. And they match! They're so pretty.
I made the jump to buy a new set when I read an article about cooking with scratched non-stick pans. I'd always heard it wasn't recommended, so after some further research I decided I really wanted to invest in a set of cookware I didn't need to worry about. Thanks to Overstock I scored an awesome deal (almost 70% off)!
So basically my new pans needed new utensils! I couldn't risk scratching up the nice ceramic coating with big metal spoons and spatulas. I had a few wooden spoons already but a trip to Home Goods got me five more for only $3.99.

Wooden spoons are kinda blah... So I decided to personalize mine by borrowing my hubby's wood burner. Super easy and really cute, they totally fit in with my style.

There are different metal tip attachments that can achieve different effects. Pressing firmer our more lightly can alter the look as well.

The possibilities are endless. This was a fun, and quick DIY. Give it a try yourself!


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