DIY Natural Blush

Have you ever been to a Lush store? Ah-maze-ing! Smells fantastic up in there! Everything is so natural it actually has an expiration date and you could eat it! (BTW, my all time favorite/obsessed with product is their Karma Kream!) Every time I go there I feel inspired to make my own cosmetics and skin care products. I attempted body butter in this post, but that's about the extent of it. When I heard about homemade blush from only 3 ingredients, and how easy it was to make, I knew I HAD to try it. You should too, here's why:

Reasons to make you're own blush:

1. No chemicals! Do you know what's in store bought cosmetics like blush? Things like dye, (red 33, or yellow 5 to name a few), talc and a formaldehyde releaser called diazolidinyl urea (say that 5 times fast)! Um, no thanks.
2. It's cool. You'd have to admit DIY is awesome. Imagine when someone compliments you're makeup and you get to say, "Thanks, I made it!" Pretty impressive. 
3. Get the perfect shade. Mix up a shade to match your skin tone!
4. It's super cheap! Why pay beaucoup bucks when you can spend only pennies!?

All you need is: powdered beet root, arrowroot, and cocoa powder.
You can purchase all these at a health food store like Roots, or Sprouts. Or online here. Added plus: the cocoa powder makes your blush smell so good!

The beetroot powder is the base. Adding cocoa powder will darken the shade. Adding arrowroot will lightened it. Easy! Mix it together to your liking.

Yes I totally wear my own homemade blush now. Once I tried it, it was pretty hard to go back to brushing pore clogging chemicals onto my face again. Try it out for yourself!


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