KiwI The Pup And Surgery

The last two weeks were the first time since I started this blog that I didn't post. At the very least once a week, every Tuesday I've hit publish as a goal in consistency and reliability. It seems like every time a blogger offers apologies over a blogging lapse it's because of some big announcement like a birth, or a book deal. Sometimes even because of a tragedy, like a death in the family. In my case it's none of those things, but none the less a big deal to me. My sweet puppy Kiwi was having surgery. Surgery I can report went very well. Although dealing with the aftermath is proving to be more difficult.

Almost two weeks ago Kiwi came hobbling in on three legs. Her back right leg lifted up off the ground. She seemed perfectly normal otherwise, happily wagging her tail and even trying to run around like a tripod, appetite normal, no unusual behaviors. We examined her paw closely, checked the leg and squeezed it gently, she never made a sound or even flinched. We hoped it nothing more than a sore muscle and decided to see how she was the next day. 
Next day was the same, Kiwi refused to put any weight on her back leg. So we took her down to her vet to check it out.
The doctor knew what was up right away after a few range of motion exercises and feeling Kiwi's knee. Definitely a luxating patella (basically her knee cap popping out of place) and possibly some soft tissue damage to a knee ligament. X-rays were called for. Sure enough due to the slight bend in Kiwis bones, (common in toy breeds) as opposed to a nice and straight tibia her femur didn't have sufficient grooves to hold the patella in place. As a result she completely ruptured her cruciate ligament. Surgery was necessary to repair the damage. My pups surgeon was awesome. And she is doing just fine.

Bionic puppy.

Right now she is in recovery. Requiring special exercises, cold compresses, and even little puppy massage. Strict confinement (keeping her calm is impossible most of the time!) and a cone around her neck (she hates it!) to prevent her from bothering her sutures. Medicine and antibiotics at specific times of the day etc...

Though the procedure was expensive, though the timing inconvenient, though the care time-consuming, what wouldn't I do for my little furry companion? She is such a love, and I can't wait for her to be all better.


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