Quick Crocheted Doggie Blanket

I'm by no means a crochet expert. And I have never written a pattern before. But I found myself doing just that. I've been inspired by all the huge knitting and crocheting going on in the world. All these thick yarns and massive hooks and needles. Sometimes even weaves created using our arms! Seemingly chunky crochet is right up my alley, the larger the yarn the larger the result for the time spent. And admittedly my patience wears out if I have to wait too long to see results when I'm working on a project. So I've been eager to try my hand at it, but the selection of bulky yarn has seemed scarce around where I live. Recently while wandering around a craft store, I finally stumbled upon soft thick yarn in a variety of colors. I wasn't quite ready to invest too much money in my first project so I bought a few bundles and a large crochet hook and determined to make a Kiwi sized blanket instead of an adult human sized one. If you'd like to make your little doggie a plush blanket in a jiffy you'll need:

4 skeins (423 yrd) Mega Bulky yarn in 2 colors
50/25 mm crochet hook


You'll be working with two strands of yarn together (each color).

1. ch. 20
2. Row 1: in the 1st ch (chain) from hook, single crochet (sc) across. Turn.
3. Repeat sc rows 2-17.
4. Tie off and weave ends in. 

EASY! Done, boom! Puppy likey.


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