The last two years...

For anyone who's noticed, this tiny speck of the Internet that's mine has been silent. Silent for a really long time. Like years! All the while there have been posts I've wanted to make and things I've wanted to share but the best and biggest things of my life were happening to me. It just wasn't the time for this. Now that the whirlwind is calming I've every intention of slowly allowing the trickle of my thoughts to fill this space again. I decided it would be odd to not at least speak a little on these past years before jumping into things again.
The last two years have been life changing and challenging, and scary and wonderful and beautiful and amazing and humbling. Namely and really predominantly because I grew a human inside my body and gave birth to my son and became a mom!!! Any of those words still makes me shake my head in disbelief! I'm a mother now! Wow! To a gorgeous, intelligent affectionate little boy, who as I write is sleeping warmly at my side. It's really been the best thing that's ever happened to me. And testing the fathoms of love I can feel for another little soul is beyond words. There are many things I could say about being a mother, and perhaps I will in other posts to come; but for now suffice to say I've been astoundingly grateful for this time I've spent so enveloped in our new family dynamic. Drawing closer to my husband, and drinking in this time with our baby. I regret nothing we've pushed aside to make our son our priority and to show him love every possible moment.
This season of life has also altered the vision I have for this blog. Not just in the content of what I'd like to share but the audience I speak to. There was a time I spoke to strangers, but now I will make this a resource for family and friends.


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